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Access Control Systems

From electronic locks to motorized gates, we’ve got the experience to perform any access control job you need.

Fencing & Gates

Property fences, access gates, security doors, you name it… we can build it.


Not sure what you need? We can help you decide on a system that meets your security needs yet looks elegant.  If you are more interested in ornamental design, we can provide samples of available designs and help you find the perfect fit for your project.


School of Ironworks

Gauge: What you need to know

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In steel, when one refers to “Gauge” they are referring to the thickness of the material.  Consequently, most people think that the higher the gauge number, the thicker the material is.  This in fact is wrong, the lower the gauge number of a material, the thicker it is.  The gauge of metal used in your

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Paint: How does it affect my work?

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Paint is a crucial component in the manufacturing process of high quality ironworks.  Different color paints, such as white, last significantly less time then colors like black.  Our whites stay white for a long time, there is no secret to it, we simply use high quality paint that is specially made for metal and protects

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We understand the difficult choices you will encounter in choosing the right person to do the job. We offer competitive pricing and superior quality from a company that you can trust. Sure, there will always be the handyman who works evenings and weekends that may give you a lower price; or a friend of a friend who welds and may cut you a better deal, but nothing will measure up to the quality of service that you will receive from us. The Manufacturing process for Ironworks plays a critical role in the life of your product, without the right tools and knowledge, you will quickly experience rusting and rotting. Let us give you an estimate with a competitive price, and we are positive that the choice will be clear.