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Gauge: What you need to know

In steel, when one refers to “Gauge” they are referring to the thickness of the material.  Consequently, most people think that the higher the gauge number, the thicker the material is.  This in fact is wrong, the lower the gauge number of a material, the thicker it is.  The gauge of metal used in your work will have a significant impact on its life.  Always make sure to ask anyone who gives you a quote to tell you what gauge they plan to use for your work.

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Paint: How does it affect my work?

Paint is a crucial component in the manufacturing process of high quality ironworks.  Different color paints, such as white, last significantly less time then colors like black.  Our whites stay white for a long time, there is no secret to it, we simply use high quality paint that is specially made for metal and protects against rusting and corrosion.  How, where, and with what your work is painted has a huge impact on how long it will last, after all, paint is the only barrier between the metal and the harsh environment.

We thoroughly clean our work before it is painted.  This is critical in order to remove oil and contaminants that are present on the metal and can affect adhesion of your finishing coat.  All of our work is prepped with a high quality metal primer before your final choice of finishing color paint is applied.

As a premium service, we are also able to offer you a powder coat finish.  We leave this process to a third party professional to ensure the best quality powder coat finish.  Let us know at the time of estimate that you would like a powder coat finish.